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Seeking help takes courage. Often, people know something is not working in their lives but aren't sure how to create meaningful change. You are not alone.

For over 25 years, I have helped countless individuals and families develop healthy ways to cope with life's challenges. I treat the "whole client" instead of simply treating a set of symptoms. I use compassionate listening, individualized treatment / coaching, sound clinical assessment, scientifically driven treatment strategies and creative problem solving to facilitate meaningful and lasting change.

Whether you desire ongoing support and treatment for a psychiatric condition or you seek the tools to manage a difficult transition, I have the experience and training to meet you where you are and help you grow in a positive direction.

My name is Senah Andrews and I want to sincerely welcome you and commend you for taking such a courageous step toward emotional and behavioral health! You may be wondering, "Have I come to the right place? Are the services offered appropriate for me or my loved one? Will I be met with warmth and compassion and given the necessary time and attention needed to grow?"

I would like to encourage you to explore this site, look inward and reflect on your own goals and readiness for change. If you want to learn more you may reach out via email or by phone to arrange a complimentary consult where together we can explore whether psychotherapy or behavioral coaching is the next step.

I offer confidential and discreet concierge psychological/behavioral services. It is only when we feel safe that we begin to break through barriers to success and joy. I invite you to take the courageous step and explore what psychotherapy/coaching can offer you on your path to growth and wellness.

Join Me Where Courage Meets Compassion!

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